Speed and Efficiency

The AutoStore Advantage

Getting Up to Speed

In today’s digital economy, consumers expect a level of service that many businesses simply can’t handle. Let’s face it — they're on a 24/7 online shopping spree and addicted to next day deliveries. Retailers, grocers, healthcare companies, manufacturers, and logistics services providers face unique challenges in this hyper-fast environment, but they all have one thing in common — they need to get fast and agile quickly in order to survive.

Conventional warehouse systems aren’t built to handle the volume and pace of sales, which is why smart owners are automating their operations. AutoStore, an automated storage and retrieval system, provides the competitive edge businesses need to deliver the speed, precision, and reliability that their customers expect.

Changing Speeds

The Answer to Your Black Friday Prayers

Thanks to the system’s modularity, AutoStore makes it simple to scale up operations when demand increases or new products enter the market. Adaptability is particularly valuable during the holiday shopping season when retailers need to quickly increase capacity. Sometimes all it takes is a few weeks to expand the grid, or add workstations, Robots, and Bins. Check out what PUMA, the world's third-largest sportswear manufacturer, had to say about their 650,000-sf AutoStore warehouse in Indiana.

The Big Question

How Do You Reach the "Bottom Bin?"

Considered the world’s densest order fulfillment solution, the AutoStore system attains unrivaled space efficiency by stacking storage bins, one on top of the other, in a super-tight configuration. Naturally, some of the bins will be on the bottom. And it’s those bottom bins, some as far as two stories below, that lead people to ask “doesn’t it take a long time to get the bottom bin?” A logical question but have no fear: statistical laws and special system functionalities make the “bottom bin” a very low concern. In fact, it typically takes about 2 to 10 seconds for a robot to get its bin. Click on the video to take a closer look at why the bottom bin is such a low concern for the more than 750 AutoStore systems around the world.


Can You Afford Not to Automate?

Changes in consumer behavior have put a new strain on supply chains everywhere. While the challenges might differ from industry to industry, one thing remains clear for any business: if you don’t automate you might not survive. AutoStore is a strategic investment, providing the speed and efficiency you need to maintain a competitive edge. Its robotic technology, modular components, sophisticated software, and user-friendly controls allow you to stay on top of the supply chain, and keep customers satisfied. With AutoStore, you’re agile enough to meet today’s needs and well-prepared to adapt to tomorrow’s demands so that customers remain loyal. While end users might initially question the value of investing in automation, they all soon come to the same conclusion: the versatility and reliability of AutoStore makes it a solution worth its weight in gold. Many users, in fact, are astounded at how quickly they realize return on investment.

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Consumer behavior has changed; supply chains have not. Let's talk today to see how AutoStore can build resilience in your operations and let you stand  out from your competitors.