The Grid

Any shape and size - with ease

Build any form

The size and shape of the AutoStore™ Grid is restricted only by the warehouse around it, ensuring optimal space usage. This is the framework holding it all together.

Ease of use

Quick and easy construction

Building the AutoStore™ Grid is only a little more complex than putting together a handful of LEGO™ blocks. All AutoStore components are standardized modules that are simple to assemble and easy to connect; there are only 17 different parts.


Easy-connect parts.
No heavy construction.

Lightweight & Sturdy

This aluminum Grid will meet the demand.

A railway for robots

The Grid is topped off with tracks running in X and Y directions, allowing the robots to access any cell inside the Grid. The standard Double/Double Grid (DDG) provides a double rail in both directions, allowing robots to pass each other on all sides.

Single/Double Grid

Robots can pass each other in 1 direction

Double/Double Grid

Robots can pass each other in 2 directions
The Design

Future-Proof Design

The modular design of AutoStore means extending the Grid is pain-free. Like adding a room to your house, Grid extensions are isolated to an area having no impact or downtime to regular operations during construction. All that's needed is a flat floor and common hand tools to put it all together.

4 Tools

Hex keys, wrenches, a mallet, and drill are usually all it takes

1 Month

The typical time frame for erecting an AutoStore Grid

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it too late to change the size of the Grid once it's installed and running?

The Grid is fully flexible. You can easily extend both the size and form to customize your need and growth. You can do this without any downtime and no impact your day-to-day operations.

What is the minimum height required for the Grid?

This depends on the design. At the very least, the minimum height must be 4 bins high (with the 330mm or 425mm Bins) and 6 Bins when installing the 220mm Bin, plus the grid track above it. This Bin depth provides the needed height for a Port.

Less space is needed if the track is used "only" as a road for transporting Bins between different Grids. In this case, the design can either be a track with no Bins or a track with at least one bin Blus the track above.

How much clearance do we need between the roof and the top of the Grid?

Our recommendation is at least 2 meters (6.5 feet) free height above the Grid. You can get a lower clearance accepted, but this needs to be clarified and approved by the local authorities and the local AutoStore distributor.

Do I need to remove the existing pillars in my warehouse to install AutoStore?

No, with an AutoStore installation obstacles like pillars, pipes, and walls may be surrounded.

Is it possible to install AutoStore if the floor has different levels?

Yes, the only requirement is the grid top must be flat.

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