Made Easy

Only five modules, so many possibilities

The Worker


The AutoStore™ Robots tirelessly drive, dig, collect, and deliver Bins to workstations. Working in large or small teams around the world, each Robot is independently controlled for no single point of failure.

The Structure

The Grid

Where all the magic happens. The aluminum framework holds the Bins in place while also being the railways for Robots. All that's needed is a flat floor.

The Container


AutoStore™ Bins are stacked high and tight within the Grid. Available in three sizes, all goods are stored in these durable containers. To accommodate multiple product categories within one Bin, it can be subdivided into different compartments.

The Workstation


Robots deliver bins to AutoStore™ workstations, aka Ports, where order fulfillment and restocking happen. With four different Ports available, there is one or more to meet your throughput needs.

The Brain


Traffic controller. Inventory tracker. Command center. The brain. The AutoStore™ Controller keeps track of everything. Always. It delivers advanced access control for service personnel while planning and scheduling tasks.

Storage Benefits

The Space Maker

The ultimate space maker, AutoStore provides companies with up to four times the storage capacity in the same footprint as manual storage providing you the space to offer more services and inventory.

More Storage Capacity
In Your Existing Space

Tailored specifically
for you

With over 950 systems around the world, no two are the same. Each AutoStore is designed based on your operations and is fully simulated for real-life operational challenges and demands.

A great experience is what every customer looks for and stays loyal to. Automating your operations and warehouse lets you deliver an efficient online service and allows you to remain focused on providing great in-store experiences. Find out how we can help you give the best service to every customer, however they shop.

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The rapid rise of e-commerce offers many great opportunities, but demand is unpredictable and hard to keep up with. Our system scales up or down with ease, so you can stay on top of buying trends. Find out how we can help you keep your customers happy through speedy and efficient delivery.

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The last thing you need is for customers to start shopping around for alternatives. Automating your warehouse strengthens your offer by allowing you to provide increased data visibility and reduced labor costs. Find out how we can enhance your competitive edge and raise your value to customers.

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Timely delivery is always a high priority, but especially so for healthcare. Our space-saving solutions can reduce your reliance on international trade routes and give you greater control to prevent losses or errors. Find out how we can help you ensure every patient gets what they need when they need it.

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If you manage an inventory of high-value, high-demand goods and equipment, it can take as little as one failed delivery to put a dent in your profits and damage the loyalty of your customers. Find out how we can help you deliver the seamless level of service to keep all your customers satisfied.

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Modular, standardized, designed for all industries

Space efficient

AutoStore is the cube storage pioneer, reducing the storage footprint by 75% when compared to other storage solutions.


Easy-to-maintain technology delivers 99.7% uptime — unmatched in the warehousing and logistics industry.


The modular aluminum Grid is simple to build and expand to meet growing capacity needs.

Value adding

With a more space-efficient storage system, retailers can replace aisles with richer in-store experiences.


Reduce the Storage Footprint and Up Your Game


AutoStore™ is the fastest order fulfillment system per square foot in the world.

Grow While Running

AutoStore is designed for easy system expansion. Grow your capacity without shutting down operations or experiencing downtime.

Customize to Fit Anywhere

The design is modular-based, and just like building blocks, you can build any shape, form, or height you need.

Enrich Your Customer Experience

AutoStore reduces your storage footprint, providing space to expand services and products. Gain visibility of your operations and enhance your customer experience.

24/7 Operations

Our unbeaten up-time (99.7%) and no single point of failure means you have constant access to your inventory, supporting 24/7 operations.

Go Green

Our green credentials are unrivaled, and zero energy is wasted. Ten robots use the same amount of energy as a vacuum cleaner.

Let’s talk and find how we can reach your goals

AutoStore can fit any warehouse or fulfillment center. Make yours the next.